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Sailing is an expensive sport, not only are there costs associated with the S.V. Windmill but Racing fees as well. 

Raising Awareness

Exposing kids of all abilities to sailing is a passion of mine.  Being outside, knowing your surroundings and making good decisions is all part of the sailing life. 

Building A Community

As a youth sailor it is important to teach others about water safety and the benefits of sailing. 

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How Does It Work?

Miller McConnell is a youth sailor out of Clearwater, Florida.

This is an exciting and fruitful marketing opportunity, the values and challenges of youth sailing


My commitment is to provide a versatile communication platform and assure my sponsor significant return on their investment and objectives.


To share the adventurous spirit of the sport as seen by someone learning to sail. 


To represent my local club to bring awareness of youth sailing. 

Our partnership is a great opportunity:

  • To attract millions of sailing fans around the world.

  • For significant international PR value outside sporting press.

  • To have a brand ambassador with an incredible story of human endeavor and adventure.

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