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Sponsorship Opportunities

How to Support Miller’s Racing & Sailing Goals

Purchasing any Miller branded Merch goes to support Miller in his efforts to compete on the competitive level against other Opti fleet racers in the Florida area. Miller also has an opportunities for corporations’ logos to appear on his Merch. 

Personal Sponsorship Opportunities
What this Money goes to; Sailing is an expensive sport including equipment but also includes coaching fees, travel and event entry fees. Every dollar of the personal sponsorship will go towards Miller being able to attend as many events as possible during the racing season. 

Corporate Sponsorships
S.V. Windmill Sponsorship

There is limited branding opportunities for the S.V. Windmill that can display your company’s logo during all practice and events. Currently sponsoring for the 2021-2020 Sailing Season.
Social Media Sponsorships
Miller’s social media presence is growing and this is a great opportunity to have your company’s logo displayed prior to Miller’s videos & linkage to your company’s social media sites. 

Miller’s Outreach Program
Sailing teaches the fundamentals of stewardship for kids. On the first day of sailing kids learn how to rig a boat and set off for their first adventure. This Risk / Reward program can benefit At Risk Kids by giving them an outlet, responsibility and the ability to set their own course and reach that destination. These skills can be utilized in all area’s of a kids life. Sponsorship for Miller’s Sailing Kids will sponsor a child for one week of Clearwater Community Sailing Center’s Summer Camp for 2022 the same place Miller first learned to sail. 
Application for Miller’s Sailing Kids is here 

Support Miller’s Sailing Center
Clearwater Community Sailing Center is a 501 c3 registered non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Your donation helps provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy sailing, which is a great benefit to our entire community.

Miller is available for Commercial and Print advertising opportunities for corporations. 

Thanks to Our Sponsors

If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message

You can help Miller 'sea' the World by supporting his racing or help other kids discover the world of Sailing.

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